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Hello, if you want to join /ND/ Clan then please register and read all the rules of ND clan, and post on the server base which you will like to join and out recruiters will get to you. Regular members just log in as you would do normally.
If you have came across any faul language or any text you might have been offended by, then please contact forum admins.
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 /ND/ Forum Rules

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PostSubject: /ND/ Forum Rules   Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:28 pm

/ND/Clan Forum Rules

Well, these rules are for this forum only; these will not be applied in any of the servers. All the servers will have different rules; look in the rules information for more rules. I hope all the members of /ND/ follow these rules, if you are caught braking anyone of them, will be give first warning and then second time you will be banned from the forum for seven days, and then if you still don’t follow rules you will be banned on the forum forever, and also kick out of the clan.

Rule 1: Don’t swear
In any of the post you make, don’t use words like "WTF", "OMFG" or "NOOB", these are swear words, any post with swear words will be deleted, and you will be given your first warning!

Rule 2: Don’t Disrespect / Respect all at all the times
Please, please, please do not disrespect any of the other /ND/ members or other players who are registered on our forum. I hope all the members of /ND/ set a good example to other players and show how great clan we are.

Some players here are very young, or/and they barely speak English, so make your point clear so it’s easy to understand.

If you don’t speak English, or finding it hard to write, then you can use a online free translator and type the message in your native language and translate it in English.

Well we are humans and we are bound to agree and disagree to things, this does not mean you swear at the poster, and disrespect them for what they believe in. I am strongly against this, and if see anyone disrespect anyone (members and non members of /ND/) it will be automatically 7 days ban.

Rule 3: No Double Posting
A lot of people forget things to write in the first post, and then they make another post to make sure they get their point across. This is another form of spamming, so please don't do it, your post will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

Rule 4: Language
As we all know English is the most common spoken language in the gaming world. So I expect members to use English and English only, like I said if you find It hard you can use online translator to translate. However, you can personal message in any language you want, but make sure that the person can understand what you are saying.

Rule 5: Sarcasm
I am sure you all know what that is, if not look up on net. This is another form of disrespect; I don’t want any sarcastic comments/post. If I see any sarcastic comments by any members you will not be given any warnings, you will be banned on the forum for 7 days.

Rule 6: Spamming
Well you all know what spamming is, and it really messes up the whole forum. There are several types of spamming, and all type of spamming is taking in considering, before we take action.
Some spam is minor which is sometimes done by accident, and some are serious issue and this could result in a 7 days ban. (Look at /ND/ Spam in the rules section for more about spamming)

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/ND/ Forum Rules
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